Monday, October 18, 2010

Fast Forward

Yes, shall we? Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It has been nearly four months since my last blog session... and there have been many sins, wins, dins and even a few gins...
Okay - here are the last few months in fast forward:
  • Eight weekends spent at the cottage in the new cabin (so long one-bathroom shared between four-six people through paper-thin walls! helloooo personal space - a blessing for all parties involved!);
  • Four days spent impersonating a celebrity soaking up the sunshine in champagne-induced giddyness in Monte Carlo courtesy of lil' sis's amazing employer;
  • Two days in Paris playing frantic-tour-guide-on-a-masochistic-mission-to-do-most-on-foot "'cause it's the best way to see the sites!" All this while lil' sis feigned excitement at my deep knowledge of Rue De L'Arbre (where I stayed two years ago when I tried to blend in as a local);
  • One wedding - to end all weddings
  • One 32nd birthday (egads it was mine!);
  • Two pregnancy announcements (egads, not mine!)
  • XXXX glasses of wine, champagne, wine, champagne, wine...(to shcelebraaate the shchummer! whahoo!)
  • One 30th Birthday - lil' sis
  • and finally the last engagement is mine... no literally, it was my engagement!
That brings us to around nowish... After four years of wondering if he was the one, deciding he was the one, doubting he was the one and thanking my lucky stars he IS the one, it's official. I'm a crazy bride-to-be who hasn't changed any of the bad habits she swore she would "as soon as he pops the question." I'm talking about eating bad food, complaining about our house, not going to the gym, drinks during the week, driving to work... still doing all of it.
Which, as you may have guessed you smart little thing, is the reason I am writing again. The moment this gets posted, it's on the record and I'm accountable for all the things I say I'm going to do.
So here it is, My Oath to Myself:
I solemnly swear that from this moment on, pizza is no longer legal substance. Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, homeburgers and their French sidekicks, are on the No-Fly list unless accompanied by a Weight Watchers green light. Prohibition Sunday through Thursday just kicked in. (That goes for you too Prosecco. Save me the story about your bubbly lightness!) I will refuse to attend any and all birthday parties where Cake is invited, that bitch. I will go to the gym, walk home from work (at least twice a week), embrace the veggie bar and every time I reach to grab a roll during dinner, I give permission to anyone in my company to reach and grab one of mine.
This is my vow, Until the wedding!