Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outta My Way, Thursday!

I need a break from my life. I really do. It's becoming physically evident. I'm fogged up, fogging tired, want to fog the dog - gah, the very fact that I am using the word "fog" to suggest the word "fu&k" paints a picture! I tapped, zapped, whacked. Even my body is rebelling. Deciding a massage would do me good yesterday, I was saddened to hear that my muscles are "like wood" and not in a good way that would suggest I've been working out... 'cause I haven't... whatever!

Hoping a little R&R&R in Boston will help this weekend. Rest - courtesy of a comfy suite at the Commonwealth Hotel near Boston University. Relaxation - courtesy of a Sunday spa afternoon in the city. And... Retail - courtesy of my wallet and my insatiable need to buy things that I don't need.

Truthfully, I'm more than excited to spend a few days agenda-less, just hanging out in a cool city. I love Boston. If you haven't been, it's worth a visit. It's a city that doesn't intimidate. It's cool without trying. Has great culture and makes it so simple to get up to speed on its incredible history you have no excuse not to learn something. And has amazing shopping, particularly Newbury Street which is lined with boutiques, restos and fab people watching.

Now if Thursday would seriously just hurry up and get out of my way, I'll be that much closer to fine...

Oh and P.S. re: my last post: I did buy the dress... and I LOVE it so much the cost per wear is irrelevant! (It's the long-sleeved lovely!) xo

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To buy or not to buy, that is (always) the question

I've just discovered my new favourite designer: Milly. It's not often when a line sweeps me off my feet but this season's Kennedy's-Gone-Sailing-in-the-late-7os is too cute for words! Take a peek at the line and I'm sure we'll start fighting over who gets to buy what very soon.

Now, speaking of buying, when the term "cost per wear" comes to mind when contemplating a purchase, you know there's not a sale sign in sight. But when one is still thinking about said purchase nearly four days in a row since falling in love at first sight, calculating "cost per wear" seems rather efficient and responsible, if you ask me!

Ok, for argument's sake, lets say a really pretty, day-to-night, great-for-work-and-afternoon-cocktail, spring-to-summer, perfect-fit, colour-blocked, long-sleeved shift is $500 (just throwing out a number). If I wear that darling even just five times, it becomes a $100 dress, see? And, since it's February and there are at least six months I could wear said frock (even once/month), the cost drops even lower...

See gals, sometimes math can be fun! Sometimes using the cost-per-wear calculator means that purchases are actually free! Take, for example, my Hunter Wellies - avg price: $200. Have worn them at least 30 times since purchase, which puts them around $6. And, since the rainy season hasn't even begun yet, these adorable high-heeled rainbooties will soon be free or even cost negative dollars!

Well, I'm convinced! And excited for a new dress!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cease and desist: foot in mouth

Hello foot, meet mouth. Oh, you know each other? Ah yes, you know each other quite well. Frankly, I'm not liking the nature of your relationship. It's becoming rather inappropriate to be seen together so often, particularly under the circumstances. A couple of quick reminders so we can continue our collective working relationship:
1) it's Sherry, not Shelly
2) that brand is owned by their competitors, not the people buying your expensive lunch
3) to be gracious is not the same as to have grace
4) Lil' John and Lil' Wayne are not the same person
5) not everyone wants to hear your story, particularly the CMO, no matter how interesting you think you are
6) stop talking the minute your brain says "stop talking" - seriously, even if it's mid-sentence. It's better than what you're about to say...
Embarrassed makes me look fat.

Monday, February 7, 2011

*New* Review: OPI for Sephora - Chic Print for Nails

In effort to add some youthful pizazz to my already SAD-affected February, I went on a mission to try the latest in nail trends: the nail print. Loving the look as seen in the pages of high fashion mags and US Weekly alike, I hit a few different Shoppers Drug Mart's but to no avail. Either they don't yet carry or I'm utterly behind the hipster chicks who beat me to the punch (fists closing on the cutest nails around, I bet). I finally settled in at Sephora and a set of 16 magenta and silver diamond patterned $20 nail prints. I couldn't WAIT to try them! And then I did... Here's hoping I save you $20.

The claim: "A breakthrough array of precut nail patches for extraordinary nails, instantly!"

What else you need to know: "One set of Chic Print for Nails contains 16 nail patches of varying widths, for a one-time application to fingers or toes. The nail patch is a solid-film material with an adhesive back that is activated by friction. The warmth from friction creates conformability, allowing the patch to fit over the compound curves of your nails and seal onto the nail bed. The patent-pending material removes easily by rubbing and peeling off."

What really happened: Not only did I look like I was wearing wrapping paper on my fingertips, the precut nail patches are really big, you need to cut them to size, which you would think would be simple, but sadly not. First was still too big, second way to small. Third bubbled and wouldn't get smooth on my finger once I got the size down and the fourth wouldn't stick at all... AND these bad boys only last 1-2 days.

The Verdict: Clearly teenagers have more time than I do. Too much work for not enough result. Pass on the print and save your $20 for a proper mani.