Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

A three-month hiatus on this forum is followed by a brief farewell. It's been a wild ride, 2011 but it's now time to bid you adieu. In fact, I'm thrilled to bits to wave goodbye to this year. It's not that it has been a particularly terrible time. On the contrary, it has been a year of good news, happy celebrations, the establishment of new friendships and the strengthening of old ones.

I am ready to turn the page. At the stroke of midnight, I hope you will join me in raising a glass in honour of all the hopes ignited, dreams inspired and ambitions fuelled by the dawning of another new year... May life be as you wish....

Hmmm... doesn't quite work. But, heck, I tried. The new-age peace-and-love-hippie mantra thing isn't really my thing so 'let me stick with what I know best. New Year. New Start. New Promises I'll Promise to Keep But Will Likely Break Within the First Three Months. New Self-Forgiveness and Justification for Said Broken Promises. New Ambitions. New Sensations. New Order. New Kids On The Block. New and Improved.

2012 - we hope the Mayans have gotten you all wrong, but if you are indeed the last year of the world, here's to putting a LOT of pressure on making it one for the history books (of which there will be none since it will be the end of the world, but you know where I'm going...)

Buon Anno, Bonne Année, Happy New Year to you!