Monday, February 7, 2011

*New* Review: OPI for Sephora - Chic Print for Nails

In effort to add some youthful pizazz to my already SAD-affected February, I went on a mission to try the latest in nail trends: the nail print. Loving the look as seen in the pages of high fashion mags and US Weekly alike, I hit a few different Shoppers Drug Mart's but to no avail. Either they don't yet carry or I'm utterly behind the hipster chicks who beat me to the punch (fists closing on the cutest nails around, I bet). I finally settled in at Sephora and a set of 16 magenta and silver diamond patterned $20 nail prints. I couldn't WAIT to try them! And then I did... Here's hoping I save you $20.

The claim: "A breakthrough array of precut nail patches for extraordinary nails, instantly!"

What else you need to know: "One set of Chic Print for Nails contains 16 nail patches of varying widths, for a one-time application to fingers or toes. The nail patch is a solid-film material with an adhesive back that is activated by friction. The warmth from friction creates conformability, allowing the patch to fit over the compound curves of your nails and seal onto the nail bed. The patent-pending material removes easily by rubbing and peeling off."

What really happened: Not only did I look like I was wearing wrapping paper on my fingertips, the precut nail patches are really big, you need to cut them to size, which you would think would be simple, but sadly not. First was still too big, second way to small. Third bubbled and wouldn't get smooth on my finger once I got the size down and the fourth wouldn't stick at all... AND these bad boys only last 1-2 days.

The Verdict: Clearly teenagers have more time than I do. Too much work for not enough result. Pass on the print and save your $20 for a proper mani.

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