Thursday, February 4, 2010

more friendly talents

I may not have little bambinis yet, but some day when I do, they will surely spend their first years in Babibu! Pronounced "baby-Boo" this cute and cozy, hand-made-in-Canada line is the brainchild of my dearest friend, Sarah Lopez and her amazing mother-in-law, Beatriz, affectionately known as B-Lo. But beyond offering stylish, gender-neutral lounge wear that Auntie Carly secretly hopes will one day come in her size, Babibu is also green. From the Karate Pant to the Large & Stretchy Swaddling Blanket to the Beanie and Bib, this line is made from 100% bamboo which not only is uber-soft for baby's sensitive skin but also:

  • naturally blocks the growth of bacteria and therefore does not require the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides during its growth process

  • is an extremely sustainable and renewable resource and can grow up to 4 feet in just 1 day
  • is also 100% biodegradable
Sarah, who is the mother of the most handsome 10-month-old baby boy, has always had a penchant for style, which is evident from the way she hangs a framed picture to the way she accessorizes a pair of jeans and her line of baby clothing is no exception. Wishing Sarah and B-Lo so much success although by the sounds of things, they won't need it!

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