Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a picture says a thousand (swear) words

This is how today feels. The long weekend, for those of us lucky to live in the parts of Canada that observe Family Day, couldn't come sooner. Only 3600 minutes to go...

Family Day also happens to fall on Valentine's Day weekend. Despite my "in a relationship" status, I'm not one for gooey forced romance in crowded, overpriced restaurants with sub-par prix fixe menus where the theme is always "pour deux." Frankly, I prefer not to have to share a meal, s'il vous plait and moreover prefer not to share my meals with a room full of dining couples, most of whom don't really like each other on a good day and actively perform extended small-talk with waitstaff just to have someone else to talk to. Look around next time you're at a V-day dinner and I promise you'll see what I mean.

xoxo Cranky Gossip Girl

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  1. guilty!!!!! fixed menu at 'Pasqualinos'. 1 rose with baby's breath in the centre. you are absolutely right.