Friday, March 12, 2010

in short

My life is not my own these days, hence the absence of regular updates within an acceptable amount of time. Where have two weeks gone? To the universe, I say, along with my last paycheque, that missing sock and a few of my dresses... actually, those went to my sister's closet and are overdue back to their home (hear that, sis? Gimme)

In spite of my lack of time this/last week, I did come across my next birthday present, s'il vous plait. The new Paloma's Dove pendant from the Paloma Picasso collection at Tiffany's has me blushing. There is just something about birds and jewelry that makes me giddy and this sweet, petite charm hits the note. I can't find an image to upload but visit the link and swoon for yourself!

I've also got my eye on a gorgeous enameled bird ring from BCBG but I can't find evidence of it anywhere online and I've tossed my catalogue, for shame. Any gals with the latest BCBG accessories catalogue, please write me... or just buy it for me! :)

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