Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ohai! remember me

Yes, I've been MIA and yes it was negligent and no I don't have a super-fantastical story/excuse like being glamourously whisked off to add my creative input on Marc Jacobs' Fall/Winter 2010 line in Milan AND Paris or being pulled from my PR gig in Toronto to provide crisis communications to Sandi Bullock in her L.A. hideaway. Alas, I've simply been uninspired and in a word, grouchy.

Naturally, it could just be me, but lets be honest, it's far more fun to blame others for this, my most recent plunge into rutsville. Today, I'm blaming my hairdresser. Remember a few weeks back when I decided to become a new woman and undergo a dramatic transformation? And that resulted in going from a blondie to a brownie? Well I'm still a brownie...mostly... save for those arrogant, uninvited, multiplying-like-bunnies silver threads I keep spotting at my crown as they rise in all their wiry glory toward the light of day. And every morning, there are more of those little a$$holes lying against what I once considered a beautifully rich chocolate. They are so out of place that they may as well be neon flashing lights. I knew they were there before but my light, golden locks artfully disguised the pests, blending in with the pale strands so nicely, I actually convinced myself I was sprouting naturally blond hair. Now I there is no denying it in blissful ignorance. I am going grey and my hairdresser is to blame because she should have noticed and warned me that this would happen! My guess is that she did and she also knew that I would be miserable and have to make another appointment to go back to the glory days of honey and sunshine and that would mean we're back to four-hour and $$$$ investments every six weeks... well played miss, well played...

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