Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In short

I am really bad at commitment. Okay wait, that didn't sound right. Let me be clear, I am the most loyal girlfriend, dedicated friend, sister, daughter, niece, boss, etc. But when it comes to follow through on personal goals I set, I'm more of a waffler.

Lets take this blog for example: I debated an entry today. Seriously. Two posts in and I already made excuses for why I was too busy, too tired, too uninterested (more like uninteresting) too late, too whatever to write.

So here I am. Blaming lack of inspiration in part on the overwhelming coverage of the Google Nexus on Twitter (oh CES, I still carry a torch for your nerdy Vegas love) rather than the tweets I so enjoy like 140-character recipes from Every Day Food and the wedding DIY amazement that is StyleMePretty. Normally I am DI WHY?? but I am in lust with this site. (don't mention to my boyf... key message: I'm looking for a friend).

Another full day over and a full evening begins with the Canadian World Juniors. I realize this will now be the second time I mention the World Junior Hockey championships in as many days and I feel the urgent need to caveat the rest of this thought with the following context: I don't watch hockey. I never watch hockey. I don't own a pair of skates, wasn't a puck bunny in high school (or there afterward, no judgement) and surely will not be a hockey mom when the time comes and now it's in writing. But something happens when the Juniors play. My bf will say it's because of 15-year-old superstar Taylor Hall, who is indeed dreamy, but that would make me a total perv/cougar, or would that be a cougert? The truth? The World Junior Hockey championships allow me the unabashed privilege of the excuse to fill my face with forbidden delicacies like cheesy nachos, chicken wings, french fries and beer and have it be socially acceptable.

And, yes... diet starts (again) tomorrow.

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