Thursday, January 28, 2010

a manicure-all

It would appear I am having a bit of a week where I have lost count of the days, track of the hours and a general film has settled over my brain. I need a pick-me-up and fast and since I can't get to my salon to address my roots - can you still call them roots when they are nearly half the length of your hair? - a manicure should do the trick. Debating between a dark purply , sexy, vampish hue or an innocently pink, demure, virginal paint. I'm straddling both worlds which makes me quite boring and uncommitted.

Decisions, decisions...
P.S. I opted for Siberian Nights, a nearly-black shade of purple, which elicited "Oh dear, Carly - BLACK nail polish? How interesting." from my boyfriend's mother, who is just too adorably sweet. Maybe I'll buy her a bottle on my next round!

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