Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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In my former life as a PR agency gal, I spent most of my time with technology clients. This, in part due to my former former life as a technology reporter, eventually made me decently-versed in gadgets, gizmos, apps and tools. Decently-versed is a far cry from decently-practiced - I can tell you why you should hook up your HDMI cables to your HD TV but don't ask me how to do it...ever.

What brings me to this reflection on all things geek today is that it's January 6th and CES officially jumps out of its Star Wars cake tomorrow. The Consumer Electronics Show is the annual trade show that brings together more than 100,000 people from all parts of the globe to Las Vegas who spend the week traversing more than one million square feet (yes, one MILLION) of show floor space, bearing witness to the future of personal technology, talking fridges and housekeeping robots a certainty. It even brings in more people than the porn show, conveniently held about a week later in the same spot - true story.

Having spent time as the PR rep for a major international technology brand, I attended a few CESes and I gotta say, I kinda miss the buzz of big brainpower. Slightly less do I miss the Jersey Shore sales jerks who puff out their chests while ogling the assets of giggling booth babes, but it is Vegas after all and what happens in Vegas, yada yada yada...

Maybe it's just that... Vegas. The only place on earth you can order a turkey club on a waffle from room service at 4:30AM and it's not only acceptable, it's expected. If all the world is a stage, Vegas is where they design the sets.

I don't think I'll go back anytime soon, though. There are myriad destinations on my bucket list before I hit the reruns. Instead I'll observe with slight longing from afar. Maybe I'll make waffles for dinner...

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